Treadmill Maintenance

treadmillrepairLet me say right off that most treadmill repairs are directly due to the lack of owner provided maintenance.

The three things that are the major contributors to premature repairs in order of importance are:

1.) Proper and regular application of walking belt lubrication.

2). Proper walking belt adjustment.

3.) Proper cleaning of the exterior for dirt and sweat as well as keeping underneath the treadmill and the motor compartment free of dust, per hair, and dirt.

Failure to lubricate the walk belt and deck are the number one cause of premature walking belt wear, walking deck wear, and motor control board failure.

The greater the friction is between the belt and deck the greater the load that is put on the motor control board.  Aside from belt and deck replacement, failed motor control boards are the number one repair issue.

Please read your owners manual to see if your treadmill requires lubrication, the interval specified, and what type of lubricant.  Some treadmills are maintenance free, while others use silicone, and others use wax, etc.

While you are lubricating the deck and belt, this is a good time to vacuum underneath as well as take of the motor compartment hood to vacuum underneath.  Be sue that your treadmill is unplugged before doing this.

Be sure to wipe down the treadmill after each use.  The salt in perspiration will cause screws, bolts, rollers, and any other metal components to rust.  Make sure that the area your treadmill is in is not a damp area.

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