I specialize in the servicing of treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, rowers, steppers, to local Massachusetts and Connecticut homeowners, and businesses only. I diagnose, service, repair, and assemble all makes and models.



All service calls include cleaning, adjusting, and lubing as needed as well as any diagnostic, or repair, when no parts are needed.



I can assemble your new treadmill.  However the treadmill must already be in the room or space in which you intend to use it.  As one man I am unable to move treadmills, especially where stairs are involved.

I can also disassemble your non folding treadmill for moving and reassemble it at its new location.  I do not recommend that inexperienced people, or moving companies do this. I have had to repair many treadmills that were damaged by moving companies trying to disassemble or reassemble them.



I can also help with the transport if you have some strong men on either end to load and unload.



Payment for services is due at the time the service is provided. I accept cash, personal checks, and debit or credit cards via PayPal only.

Any parts needed must be paid for in advance, along with shipping costs before any parts can be ordered.



I DO NOT provide services for middlemen such as fitness equipment stores, vendors, manufacturers, or other so called national service companies unless payment for services is paid in advance through PayPal, etc.

Otherwise these type of companies that wish to use my services should have the local homeowner or business contact me directly. The local homeowner or business would then provide any payments due at the time the service is provided, based upon my fee structure. The vendor then may reimburse the homeowner or local business owner, based on any arrangement or agreement that they may have with their customer.